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If you have a Newer Model MacBook still under Manufactures Warranty I Suggest the Apple Store so you do not void your warranty 

 Basically I Started repairing Dell's Years ago and now have several Refurbished Dell Laptops in Storage in Ohio due to the fact i had more invested in parts and  repairs than they were selling for refurbished,  and when I had to relocate the for my job changed from Ohio to SC.  I put these units in my Secure Temperature Control Storage Unit, I am Now here in Granite City IL but i take repair work by appointment only do not want to leave people hanging waiting for repair or service.  I would rather not take the work than make someone wait to get their computer repaired and returned, the time I have available allows for about 1 or 2 repairs a days but have most week ends off with plenty of spare time for my Hobby which happens to be Fixing / Refurbishing Old unibody MacBook's and MacBook Pro's / I was a Dell user for years but now actually have a 2009 MacBook Pro with a 120 GB SSD Drive and 6 GB of Ram and i can run my Dell Programs under Windows 10 on this unit or Run in Mac Mode under Seirra which I actually do more that Windows. 

About Me:  I am a Sr.Electrical Controls Engineer for the last 20 Plus Years / prior to that I Was a ASE Certified Auto Mechanic for about 5 Years  / and Wrote some PC Code with C and Turbo C++ back in the day / Started building my own Desktops several Years ago as a hobby then doing repair on my own Laptops and family & friends Laptops & Desktops then started buying and fixing Dells. Fixed a MacBook Pro for a Friend who spilt water on the keyboard a couple years ago and now buying and fixing MacBooks Since these units retain their value better than PC's and resell better.  

we Have 160 GB - 250 GB - 320 GB - 500 GB - 720 GB - 1 TB HD  / 500 GB - 1TB SSHD / 60 GB - 120 GB SSD Options In Stock 

2GB - 4GB - 6GB -  8GB  Ram Options In Stock - Can also order special request items with deposit to build your unit. 

We also have a large stock of good tested used parts to repair units with which is very important.  Since new parts for these units are hard to get and normally cost more than buying a complete refurbished unit.   (A1278) Example New MLB from Apple around $750 Apple does not Repair these I know of a Few people that do but that run's about $375 - New Screen Assembly from Apple around $350 this does not include the price they charge to Install these items. 

Refurbished Units: These units are used units put through several checks and Verifications and are completely functional as intended unless otherwise stated in the item details when listed this means we test and verify that all Ports Work correctly, memory, monitor,HDD,SSHD,SSD which ever is listed all reused drives are cleaned with a secure erase and zero's writes over the data in each sector 7 times, this process will also find any issue with drives if they are failing or not working properly and if found these units are replaced with other used properly working drives or new drive or upgraded to SSHD or SSD drive however this adds the the listing price. These were used units and while most are in very good shape some or a little rougher than others, all have some minor scratches dings and or dents and some more than other the units with excessive damages will be sold off as Deal of the week and Marked down for a quick sell. Any Broken or Cracked screens or glass screen covers are replaced prior to listing, Fans are cleaned and checked for excessive current draw and replaced as needed, power rails are verified as well (Power Supplies are Not Included) Keyboards, Trackpads, WiFi, Camera are fully tested everything is checked and repaired or replaced prior to the unit being listed for sell    

Shipping:  Any and all Shipping Charges are to be paid by the Buyer and are completely the responsibility of the buyer. 

 Terms of Service: All Purchases are covered by a 30 Day Warranty with option to purchase up a 1 year Warranty this covers service and repair of the unit or upgrade you purchase from us only  - We cannot and do not cover used parts or batteries and or items not purchased from us, tampering or upgrades done by yourself or others can void the Warranty which covers free labor on any and all repairs or upgrades only during the Warranty period these units are sold with or addition period purchased only.  This does not include any work needed caused by you or a Virus, Malware or visiting dangerous websites. By Completing a purchase you agree and are bound by the terns of service as stated all sales are final no buyer remorse these are previous owned refurbished used units and all will have some cosmetic issues that do not effect the functional operation of the units but are sold as is no returns for refund but are sold with a 30 day Warranty as stated above which can be upgraded to 1 year for a additional fee that must be purchased prior to the end of the 30 warranty the unit is sold with so rest assured we look forward to doing business with you now and for future purchase and customer satisfaction is very important to us.

We Accept Cash for Local Pick Up or Can Process your payment Using PayPal

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